How do you save money on a healthy vegan diet?

Vegans want to save animals, the planet and their health; and while we’re at it, why not save some money?!

Earlier today I read an article on the MindBodyGreen website about ways to “Make Plant-based eating affordable”. I agree with 98% of the writer’s suggestions, and I thought I’d add a few more of my own. Afterall, who doesn’t want to save money and be the healthiest version of themselves?!

1. Shop the bulk section

If you shop at Whole Foods, or any other health food grocery store, I’m sure you’ve walked past the bulk section. Sure, it can seem intimidating at first–rows upon rows of beans, grains, seeds, nuts, flours and dried fruit. Where do you start?! The bulk section is home to the best deals in the store. Often you’ll find dry goods for dollars cheaper per pound than their already packaged counterparts. When you’re new to a certain food, like say farro, it’s always nice to buy a small amount in bulk before spending more money on something you may not like.
If you’re in NYC there are a number of stores that offer fresh and affordable bulk selections. Some even sell spices in bulk. My favorite is Integral Yoga Natural Foods on west 13th street!

2. Pack your lunch

Maintaining a balanced and affordable vegan diet is all about preparation. When you’re on the go always bring your food or snacks with you. Whether you’re spending 10 hours a day at an office, or running errands around town, you’re going to get hungry. Instead of eating out, or grabbing something from Whole Foods, bring your own food. Brown Rice Spring rolls filled with tempeh and veggies are my new favorite to-go lunch, plus they take very little time to prepare. If you’re pressed for time throughout the week, take a couple of hours over the weekend to prepare your meals for the upcoming week.

3. Eat a balanced diet

There are numerous macro- and micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need from our daily diets to stay alive and kickin’. We get these nutrients in the proper amount when we’re eating a nourishing and balanced diet. When we aren’t getting the right nutrition our bodies start to crave it. It’s like the idea that Americans are overfed and malnourished. We can eat eat eat, and spend a lot of money on food, but if that food isn’t contributing to a balanced diet by providing our bodies with the nutrition it craves, then we’ll keep on buying more food and eating. Not good for your health or your pocketbook. When you’re eating a balanced diet you’ll eat just the right amount, and have plenty of energy throughout the day.

A vegan diet can be so rewarding when done right! Just like we take care to water our plants, and feed our animals, we should take care to nourish our bodies so that we may thrive and show the world how satisfying it is to eat lots of plants and take care of the planet!

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