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Angela Roi Jules Bucket Bag Light Beige Vegan Bucket Bag Jenné ClaiborneAmen, the world is changing!! When I became vegan 5.5 years ago, there were only a handful of stylish, fair-trade, and sustainable brands selling vegan bags. Until earlier this year I was relying on Forever 21 and Target for my on-trend animal-free accessories; then I started learning about the exploitative and environmentally unfriendly practices of fast fashion companies. Just like before giving up animal-based food, I tried to justify purchasing fast fashion. I used excuses like “I don’t have enough money” and “globalization is good”. Thankfully my boyfriend had sworn off fast fashion before I did, and he challenged me to start making more ethical purchasing decisions. Lucky for me, in 2016 there are so many amazing vegan bag brands who are also committed to fair-trade, safe working conditions, and environmental sustainability!

I had the best time creating this video and modeling these stunning vegan bags. I also loved putting together this long list (down below) of other ethical handbag companies. Vegan fashion is here to stay! I’m so excited to learn about new companies, and watch them all grow.

Find details about the bags featured in this video below, along with a long list of other vegan bag companies.

NOTE: * indicates they state a  fair-trade and sustainable manufacturing policy on their website. 

$-$$$$ indicates the average price point of the bags. $ is for bags under $50, $$ is for bags between $51-$150, $$$ for bags $151-$300, and $$$$ is above $300

MATT & NAT Chanda Bordeaux Vegan Backpack Video | www.sweetpotatosoul

MATT & NAT Chanda Bordeaux Vegan Backpack Video | www.sweetpotatosoul*MATT & NAT;$$

You may have heard of MATT & NAT. This Montreal based brand is probably the most popular all-vegan bag company. They’re known for their wide variety of signature styles, minimalist design, and their sustainability. 

The lining of each MATT & NAT bag is made from recycled plastic bottles, and they us polyurethane for their vegan leather bags, instead of the more environmentally harmful PVC. I love thatMATT & NAT makes it a point to visit all of the factories they work with to foster a close relationship with the owners and workers. MATT & NAT stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE. The bag I’m wearing is the Chanda in Bordeaux (on sale for $101.25).

Angela Roi Jules Bucket Bag Light Beige Vegan Bucket Bag Jenné Claiborne |*ANGELA ROI; $$ 

I’m in love with this large bucket bag by Angela Roi. Based in NYC, this brand makes a number of timeless luxury bags for fashion loving ethical consumers. I want one of each of their bags. Handcrafted in Korea and Vietnam, the handbags are made with high quality Polyurethane Leather and gold plated hardware. This company takes a strong stand against child labor and prioritizes fair-trade. Plus they’re an official partner with the ASPCA, donating a percentage of all sales to the organization! I’m wearing the Jules Bucket Bag in Light Beige ($150). 

Kipling Ravier Gleaming Gold Vegan Backpack Video| www.sweetpotatosoul

Kipling Ravier Gleaming Gold Vegan Backpack Video| www.sweetpotatosoul*KIPLING; $$

Since the late-80s Kipling has been making cute, playful, and comfortable handbags, backpacks, and luggage. This is definitely my favorite outdoor and adventure bag. It’s great for running around the city, and riding my bike, but it’s also stylish. They do sell a leather handbag line, but I appreciate that most Kipling bags are vegan and, when necessary, feature vegan leather. I applaud Kipling for prioritizing Earth-friendly practices at every stage of their processes. Their American distribution center is a Zero Waste Facility, they just launched a new fabric that uses 90% less water and is made with 37% recycled polyester, and they have “rigorous guidelines” to insure the health and safety of their factory workers. I am wearing their Ravier backpack in Gleaming Gold. ($89.99)

Deux Lux Bags2DEUX LUX; $$

Now for Deux Lux. I discovered this vegan bag brand while browsing Shopbop,  and  I was super excited to learn about them. Like the other brands in this video, Deux Lux uses polyurethane instead of PVC for their vegan leather, and sells a variety of beautiful styles. I’m wearing their Madison Fold in Black ($95). This bag can be worn with or without the gold chain strap. Unlike most clutches, this one has plenty of space. 

Deux Lux Madison Fold Black Vegan Bags Video| www.sweetpotatosoul

Below you’ll find a list of vegan bag companies NOT in the video. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Bags are categorized by style. If I missed a brand that you love, please email me: [email protected]  


*Freedom of Animals; $$$ Based in NYC, this luxury brand is known for their sophisticated yet functional bags, and high quality eco-friendly materials. I’m in love with their bucket bags, and box bag. Brand statement:”Our ethical practices are without compromise and we are constantly looking to provide exciting and thoughtful designs for our customers.”

*Cri de Coeur; $$$ This brand is known for their beautiful and edgy vegan shoes, but they also have line of vegan handbags. Brand statement: “The Collection consists of the highest quality vegan materials – including Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics, eco-PU that’s low-VOC, breathable and biodegradable, organic cotton, hemp and reclaimed wood and is committed to choosing vendors who abide by our ideals of earth-friendly manufacturing processes and fair treatment of workers.”

*Stella McCartney; $$$$ Starting at just under $1,000, these vegan bags are pure luxury. They’re unique, classy, timeless, and super high quality. Plus, the brand cares deeply about ethical trade and the sustainability of all of their materials. Brand statement: “We share the ETI’s vision for a world where all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and work in conditions of freedom, security and equity.”

*Fuscra; $$$$ This Italian company makes unique handbags using sustainable wood. They also carry two bags made with recycled leather (not vegan leather), however, I had to share their amazing wooden bags despite that.

*CMPLT UNKNOWN; $$$$ I yearn for one of these beautifully handcrafted vegan bags. CMPLT UNKNOWN makes some of the most interesting and edgy clutches––conversation piece alert! The bags are made and hand embroidered in India. Brand statement: “Our main goal with CMPLT UNKNWN is to create collectible fashion accessories of superlative quality created by fairly paid artisans with no harm to the environment or animals. With our existing collections we have not yet achieved zero-impact on the environment but strive on a daily basis to achieve this goal. We source quality materials that are toxic-free and employ adult craftspeople we have supported and trained, who earn a reasonable living in plying their trade.”

BAREL Ethical Luxury; $$$$ Based in Italy.

*Jill Milan; $$$$


*Medusa; $$ I just found out about this vegan bag company, and I’m super impressed. Medusa sells some of the most unique, yet functional bags I’ve seen. I love ornate detail etched into the industrial plastic they use to make the bags. Brand statement: “Beyond style, MeDusa takes pride in the fact that all its designs are cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and incredibly durable.”

Denise Roobol; $$ I love this Rotterdam-based brand for it’s minimalist designs, variety of styles, and beautiful colors. I’m especially crushing on the “blue croco” mini cruise bag, and the “camel” road bag.

*Love, Beatrice; $$ This LA-based brand is designed and hand-crafted by Shana Bea. The bags come in a wide variety of colors, and Love, Beatrice sells a fantastic array of cool minimalist styles––from wristlets to large totes. My favorite is the Eva bucket bag in olive. She also sells vegan jewelry and chokers.

*Alexandra K; $$$ This Poland-based company is committed to creating beautiful well-crafted vegan handbags using fair-trade practices and eco-friendly materials. All bags are handmade in Poland. You can find a clear and concise explanation of their manufacturing values on their site. Brand statement: “We are constantly looking for new fabric that are recycled or from organic farming that uses less water and energy. We do not use highly toxic chemical compounds such as PVC.”

* Vilma Boutique; $$ Colorful minimalist designs. No sweatshops. Bags are ethically and sustainably made with 100% vegan materials.

*Tragwert: $$ British-based company. High-quality, on-trend bags that look 100% despite being 100% vegan. Brand statement: “Our vegan leather is made of polyurethane (PU). In contrast to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), no harmful dioxin is emitted during production and approxumately 70% less energy and recycled materials are used such as plastic bottles.”

*Jeane & Jax; $$ Affordable and ethical bag company that makes fashionable and colorful bags in a variety of styles. Brand statement: “jeane & jax is committed to providing all employees with a safe, healthy and equitable work environment. These beliefs cannot and will not change.”

*Melie Bianco; $ Love these bags, and wish I had known about them sooner. You can’t beat the price. Though I wish I knew how they keep it so low (under $50). They also sell fabulous sunglasses. Brand statement: “…we believe in quality, craftsmanship, affordable luxury, and we believe in doing our part to make a difference.”

*LaBante London; $$ Brand statement: “The team works hard to research and source the best materials, it also ensures that all suppliers conform to the LaBante code, which stipulates manufacturing jewelery and handbags from ethically sourced materials in a humane manner.”

*Ethique 212; $$ Designed and manufactured in NYC. Brand statement: “Ethique212, Inc. is committed to being a responsible company to humanity, the environment, + our animal friends.”

Luca Chiara; $ Functional totes, computer bags, and shoes that come with interchangeable canvas inserts––you can change the color and look of the bag.

Mary Point; $$$


*Ono Creations; $$$ All cork brand. Brand statement: “We manufacture our items with individual tailors and small businesses and have a set of working standards aligned with ILO and the FairWear Foundation.”

*Corature; $ All cork brand. Brand statement: “Cork oaks are not cut down when the bark is harvested. In fact, it is the only tree in the world where the bark can be stripped and it doesn’t hurt the tree!”

*Rok Cork; $$$ All cork brand that isn’t 100% vegan, but does produce a whole vegan line of fashionable handbags. Brand statement: “Our materials are ethically sourced and manufactured falling in line with our Ethics and dedication to social responsibility.”


Danielle Nicole Handbags; $$ Classic and colorful vegan bags. This brand has a partnership with Disney, and a jewelry line.

*88 Handbags; $ This colorful handbag company makes super inexpensive bags and claims to maintain ethical and fair standards for it’s factory workers. Not sure how they keep the price so low. I would really like to know. Brand statement: “All of our suppliers are certified compliant for human rights and good working conditions. We are proud of our relationships with our suppliers, most of whom we have worked with for years and whom we consider part of the 88 family.”

*Gunas; $$$ Brand statement: “We continue to seek new artisans that spark our creativity so we can bring you a diverse range of styles through our bags. GUNAS is a 100% sweatshop-free and animal-friendly brand.” (affiliate link)

*Bungalow 360; $ Cutesy bags, belts, and hats made in SoCal. Colorful animal print patterns and some vegan leather. Bags made with natural canvas and water-based ink.

Cykochik; $$ Customizable, colorful, and artist-designed vegan bags, clutches, t-shirts, and home decor. Made in Texas.

Just Lovely; $ Based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Website in Spanish 🙂

Pixie Mood; $$

Pitti Vintage; $$

ARTelEGO; $$ Based in Croatia. Etsy shop.

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  1. Very good article, thanks to the blogger.
    Mentioned a lot of good vegan bag brands that are very useful for us.
    Besides that, I know HZCORK is an original cork leather & bag manufacturer, they manufacture from raw cork to cork leather to cork bags.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It has always been tough to promote veganism, no matter from any part of the world. We need to bring more attention to the public than being in style and in fashion can be clean, green and cruelty free!

  3. Such a great list! and I loved the video, very creative and fun. You did live the unicorn of eco bags brand out though.. Check out Fruitenveg. They are also based in NYC 🙂