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I didn’t always have clear skin. Actually, my history with my skin is a long and originally frustrating one.

From puberty into my early/mid-twenties I was at war with my breakouts; I remember refusing to go to school, and faking sick to avoid having to expose my latest breakouts. I never did Accutane (read too many horror stories), but I subjected my skin to regular facials and extractions, prescription cremes, pills, scrubs, cleansers, and cortisone shots. I wish I could show you a photo of my acneic skin, but I have none. They were long destroyed.

To be totally honest, looking back at that time it’s hard to imagine my skin being that bad. I know it could have been a lot worse, but the constant pimples and irritation were a burden and an embarrassment.

Growing up

As I got older I gradually experienced fewer breakouts, but I saw a major improvement in my skin when I started eating a vegan diet. I remember working the counter at my old restaurant job, and a handful of people––on separate occasions––complementing me on my great skin. The first time it happened I felt like I was being made fun of, because I was so used to being self conscious of my breakouts I couldn’t fathom really having good skin. But alas, my dream of clear skin was becoming a reality.

I won’t go into too much detail about how I maintain my healthy skin through my diet. For that info you really ought to check out this post I did a couple of months back.

Today I want to get into my actual skincare routine. These days I look for products that increase my skin’s radiance, keep it supple and hydrated, even out my skin tone, and––of course––keep me breakout free.

I use these products on a daily basis, and have been doing so for months, which is why I thought I’d share them with you. Lotus Moon sent me some products to try a couple of months ago, and I loved them so much that I reached back out to them to ask if they’d be interested in doing a giveaway on Sweet Potato Soul. They said yes, so this week I’m giving away the Lotus Moon facial trio which includes the mask, the cleanser, and the polisher. All of the products are vegan, organic, and fair-trade. Oh, and they smell amazing and feel luxurious. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Lotus Moon Skincare Products

My skincare routine breakdown

Remove that make up:

I always use coconut oil. Gone are the days of relying on cold cream––filled with shady oils, scents, and other potentially dangerous additives. Coconut oil will remove your makeup gently and effectively. Done.


You can use coconut oil and water, or a number of other natural DIY concoctions to was your face. I like something that makes me feel extra clean so I use the Lotus Moon amaranth cleanser or the Whole Foods 365 Brand gentle cleanser for “sensitive skin”.


I don’t show this in the video, but when I do spot a pimple attempting to emerge, I dab it with a bit of apple cider vinegar. It’ll dry out, and be gone. Ain’t nothin’ as powerful and versatile as apple cider vinegar.

Exfoliate and scrub:

The fabulous skincare guru––and my LA esthetician (yeah I’m fancy like that…sometimes)––Adina Diaz recommends using a gentle scrub to slosh off dead skin and let your glow shine, 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve in love with the cardamom polisher from Lotus Moon because it leaves my skin feeling baby soft, and it smells like heaven.

Mask it:

My incredible Nana first introduced me to the Aztec Healing Bentonite Clay. Apparently a woman at Nordstrom had gorgeous skin, and considering her grandbaby’s struggle, she asked the woman for her secret. It is this clay mask. Since Nana bought me my first jar, I’ve been using this at least twice a month (used to be once a week, but I got lazier). It absorbs the toxins from your skin, and dries out any lurking pimple reserves. I mix mine with apple cider vinegar for extra potency, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. One jar will last me at least 12 months!


This is probably the most individualized part of a skincare routine. Depending on your skin type, different moisturizers/creams will work better or worse. For years I’ve sworn by the  Lotus Youth Preserve cream by Fresh, but now I’m crazy about the Lotus Moon B12 serum. It smells so good, and it feels like getting a facial every single time I use it. I will often use the Fresh cream around my eyes at night, or coconut oil for extra attention in that special area.

There you have it! My tried and true skincare routine, which is half the reason my skin looks so great these days. The other half is my diet and lifestyle, which I don’t think my skin could thrive without

Best Vegan Skincare Routine

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  1. I’m struggling with rosacea. I wonder if the bentonite clay would be helpful. Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

    1. Yes, that could help. Also make sure to eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods, and stay away from those that cause inflammation.

  2. Eating an abundance of fresh, raw fruits and veggies helps my skin clear so quickly. I notice the difference when my diet gets off track. Definitely going to check out this skin care line. Been looking for a great natural and vegan line for a while!

  3. I too used to have troublesome skin, and also saw a HUGE change after I went vegan. But I still have some leftover redness/scarring, or PIE, on my light skin! Did you have anything like that, or PIH, and how did you deal with it? It seems to be fading for me, but very, very slowly (as in years).

    1. An exfloiator or microdermabrasion may be helpful for that. I used to have more scarring, and thought about getting a fancy acid peel or microdermabrasion, but didn’t commit. It faded over the years though.

  4. My skincare tip is to always use moisturizer. I grew up with oily skin so I was under the impression that moisturizer would just make the problem worse. Not so! I use moisturizer on my face every morning and night and it’s actually significantly reduced the amount of oil that my skin produces!

  5. I’m a major coconut oil convert! I use it as a moisturiser before I go to bed, on my legs every morning (they’re my driest part!) and sometimes on my face in the day (though not too much or I look greasy!) Alcohol definitely gives me breakouts, so I stopped drinking so much. I also use a wash cleanser from a brand called ‘Good Things’ (I’m in the UK so not sure if you have it there) – but it smells divine and keeps my skin really clear too.

  6. Oh, adding apple cidar vinegar to a clay mask – that’s genius! Will definitely be giving that a try. Thanks, lovely! 🙂

  7. These all sound amazing! Now that I religiously remove makeup everyday I see a huge difference whereas previously I was too lazy and thought nothing about it. I also really love coconut oil as a moisturizer and I exfoliate weekly.. SWEAR by exfoliating! PS- I live in ATL, so cool that you grew up here! 🙂 Cute blog xo

    1. Hey ATL girl 🙂
      Yes, removing make up is a game changer! You’ve got a good routine going on. xo

  8. I love the coconut oil cleanser idea. I use it as a body moisturizer. Cant wait to try Lotus Moon.