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There are nearly 250 posts on my blog filled with flavorful and nutritious recipes. And some of them, you guys just can’t get enough of! Time and time again, the same recipes have proven to be your favorites – and I can see why! From the cauliflower fried “chicken” (a soul food classic) to lentil meatloaf (a childhood comfort food), the most popular recipes on my blog are cooked by YOU, my readers, week after week (or maybe you’re just drooling over the amazing food photography 😉). If you have not yet tried these recipes, keep scrolling to see what you’re missing out on – these are my most popular recipes ever!

Vegan Fried Cauliflower Chicken |

Spicy Fried Cauliflower “Chicken”

This fried “chicken” is made with my Nana’s fried chicken batter – all the spices are already vegan! To make this, separate a head of cauliflower into small florets, then coat in a wet mixture with one hand and then a dry mixture with the other. Repeat that process and fry in vegetable oil on your stovetop, removing when it’s golden brown and crispy.

What people are saying

Philippe said, “I made a platter of this ‘fried cauliflower chicken’ for my early evening New Year’s Eve gathering buffet table and watched as guests devoured every delicious piece and wondered if I had more. This is the very first time I have made it so I was very pleased when some of my carnivore guests said ‘what IS this? – it’s great’ and were surprised & pleased to learn that it was cauliflower!”

Sweet Potato Red Lentil Curry

Sweet potato red lentil curry is a delicious meal that is perfect to add to your weekly meal rotation. This can be made in the Instant Pot or stovetop and is ready in about 30 minutes! The best part is that no special ingredients are needed – you can find everything for this recipe at your local grocery store.

What people are saying

Tara said, “Made this for my split vegan household today and everyone loved it including me. Had to make a few adjustments according to my pantry and what I had on hand and it still was so yummy. I get nervous making a recipe for the first time for other people. But your recipes always turn out delicious so far!”

Ultimate Vegan Burrito Bowl

I always say this burrito bowl is better than one you can get from Chipotle. And that’s because it is! My favorite thing about burrito or Buddha bowls is how versatile they are. You can use so many different things to replace the meat in a typical burrito bowl; this recipe uses a unique lentil walnut taco meat, but try substituting that with my mushroom carnitas recipe! Throw in some rice, greens, a bean and corn salad, and some fresh homemade guacamole and you have a complete and nutritious bowl that will leave you satisfied.

What people are saying

Greer said, ”

Honestly 10/10!!!! This has quickly become my favourite dinner!

I first discovered this recipe from your youtube videos and have made a few others and have equally enjoyed them. It’s great to keep adding new ones into the weekly rotations of dinner 🙂

It’s an easy dinner to make that is somewhat versatile in terms of ingredients depending on whats in season or available (an I live in NZ and can’t always find everything)

Could not recommend enough!!!”

Maple Mustard Tempeh Bowl

Maple Mustard Tempeh Bowl

This balanced bowl is packed with the good stuff! Marinated tempeh, beets, sweet potatoes and greens blend together for the perfectly flavored bowl that’s loaded with nutrients. Prep for everything in this bowl is quick and easy, and you can throw this meal together in about 30 minutes. This is another perfect one for meal prep!

What people are saying

Alex said, “This recipe was so delicious! I love the savory/sweet/spicy combo in the marinade. Added some fresh beet and fennel greens from the garden too!”

vegan lentil meatloaf

Vegan Lentil Meatloaf

Meaty texture, amazing flavor. What more could you want? Meatloaf is a wonderful childhood comfort food, and this vegan version will take you back and fill you with comfort and nutrition – it’s all veggies! Lentils, carrots, mushrooms, and walnuts come together with other hearty ingredients to recreate the familiar flavor and texture of meatloaf. And of course it’s topped with a fancy ketchup and balsamic glaze.

What people are saying

Joan said, “Excellent lentil loaf. My meat eaters approached and gave me the okay to repeat this meal again. The loaf was soft, but I was instructed by the meat eaters not to mess with the recipe. Thank you.”

best vegan lentil meatballs

Lentil Meatballs

These meatballs have the same concept as the lentil meatloaf, but they’re great cooked in tomato sauce and as a topping on pasta. This was one of my most requested recipes when I was a private chef in NYC. In 2021 I even experimented and tried making them with BANANA PEELS! Try topping your spaghetti and meatballs with my homemade vegan walnut parmesan, listed below the meatball recipe.

What people are saying

Carolyn said, “This is a phenomenal recipe! I really enjoyed it. It was easy to make and the best lentil meatball recipes I’ve tasted.”

Sunflower Caesar Salad

If you try any recipe from this blog post, try this one. I want to bottle this Caesar salad dressing! It’s a super quick recipe and only requires a blender for the dressing. You can make the crispy chickpeas in the air-fryer or oven; the salad doesn’t need any other toppings!

What people are saying

Brittany said, “I made this recipe straight from your book and I wasn’t even half way through the first batch before I made a second batch of it. It is THAT good. I LOVE Caesar salads. I spend so much money on them that I really wanted to learn to make my own, and took it a step further and wanted to learn how to veganize it. THIS RECIPE IS AMAZING. Make the dressing RIGHT NOW. TODAY. You won’t regret it.”

Sweet Potato Chocolate Muffins

Last, but not least, are my sweet potato chocolate muffins. There’s a special ingredient in these muffins that makes them extra moist and fluffy. These are great for breakfasts or snacks on the go, but they never last long in my house.

What people are saying

Amy said, “This recipe is consistently delicious! I’m making them for the 5th time, this time for my own birthday. It’s the best vegan baking recipe I’ve ever made, and gets rave reviews from vegans and non vegans alike. Thanks, Jenné!”

Comment below and let me know what your favorite recipe in this post (or on my blog or in my cookbook) is!

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