Q&A with Jenné: Vegan Weight Loss

A great body starts in the kitchen! If you want to lose weight, tone up, and find your ideal healthy figure then you need to make sure your food is serving you. A great way to achieve optimal health, and weight loss is on a whole food vegan diet. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms are all you need to live a healthy and fit life. As you start eating healthier you naturally have more energy––even exercising becomes more enjoyable. Funny enough, the more nutrient dense your meals, the less you will want to eat. Your body will be receiving the nourishment and fuel it needs to function at a high level.

By eating a whole foods vegan diet I have seen my  body change in wonderful ways. I have more definition than ever, and carry my weight in just the right places ;) So when people ask me what I do to get my strong arms or abs, I tell them I eat a fabulously delicious and healthy vegan diet. That’s the secret!

Mango Guacamole Salad

Mango Guacamole Salad

Here are my tips for things to keep in mind when pursuing weight loss on a vegan diet:

1. Make non-starchy vegetables the core of your diet. Build your plate around foods like massaged kale, roasted cauliflower, sauteed collards, and steamed broccoli. I love to make big green salads with dark leafy greens, shredded cabbage, carrots, legumes, and avocado. Click on the photos in this post for recipes :)

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Pay It Forward Friday: Best Friends

Friends are so important. Good ones are there for you when times are good, and bad. They are kind, and funny, and good listeners. Life surely isn’t complete without good friends.

Growing up, some of my closest friends were my pets, and my human friends all knew it. There was NZ, a wise yellow lab who hadn’t been neutered (my mom spays and neuters her dogs now—she learned her lesson!) and one day got the neighbor’s dog pregnant. She gave birth to a litter of gorgeous puppies. The runt of the litter was Jewel, and she was the one I had to take home. Then one day my mom found a pit bull puppy locked in someone’s hot car behind an office building. Thankfully the window was slightly ajar, and she was able to pry it open to rescue the little guy, our sweet Spikey. Since I can remember, these dogs added joy to my world. NZ was the first to come along when I was very young, but Jewel, Spikey, and later Bertucci (who just turned 15!), Sisqo, Sidney, and Peaches quickly became my best friends. I live with a sweet kitty cat now, QZ, and she’s a great bestie.


This week’s Pay It Forward Friday organization is dedicated to saving all of the dogs and cats in this country who are homeless, and on death row. Best Friends began in Los Angeles 30 years ago, with the mission of ending the killing of homeless dogs and cats. Now a national organization, Best Friends continues to educate people, and find loving homes for pets. Since beginning in the 80s, Best Friends has helped reduce the number of animals killed in shelters by 17%. Every day there are over 9,000 pets killed in America’s shelters. We still have a lot of work to do to reduce that to zero.

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Dandelion Pepita + Basil Walnut Pestos {VIDEO}

Vegan Basil and Dandelion Pesto

Next to green juice, and big ol’ kale salads, my favorite way to get raw greens into my hungry body is blended up into a tasty garlicy pesto. Mmmmmmm!! Despite the offensive amounts of garlic I sometimes use, I can really get down on some vegan pesto. I love it with any green or herb, and any nut or seed. Pesto is so fabulous because it’s easy to make, and by changing the herb or nut/seed you use, you have a whole different unique treat.

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Pay It Forward Friday: International Fund for Animal Welfare

IFAW Elephant

Since 1969 the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has operated with the belief that animals have intrinsic value, and “we humans have a responsibility to protect them from suffering and unnecessary exploitation.” The organization was originally formed in New Brunswick, Canada to bring attention to, and end the slaughter, of baby seals. While their original intentions did not include developing an international organization, IFAW’s early victories for animals helped steer it toward a greater future.

IFAW Puppy

45 years later IFAW has expanded it’s operations to 40 countries worldwide with trusted and committed leadership in each region. IFAW is one of the largest and most respected animal welfare organizations in the world. Their work reaches a wide variety of animals, from dogs and cats, to elephants, to polar bears.

IFAW rescues individual animals, campaigns to prevent animal cruelty, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. The organization’s leadership also works with local governments to campaign for animal welfare and protection.

IFAW Rhino Cubs

I’m excited about having IFAW as this week’s Pay It Forward Friday for-purpose organization because of the wide reaching impact they have on the lives of animals, and humans. One of their recent pushes has been to demand greater accountability, and regulations on the ivory trade from the US. IFAW works with the American government to strengthen law enforcement and make it more difficult for ivory to enter, and be sold in the US. This is just one example of how this organization works to help animals around the world.

Today, July 11th, I will donate 20% of proceeds from sales of the 21-Day Vegan Blueprint to IFAW. Join the Vegan Blueprint and you’ll not only be making your life healthier and happier, you’ll also be improving the lives of farmed animals, and wildlife globally. Click here to learn more, and join the program!

There are other ways to support the work of IFAW. You can join their “Action Alerts” list to find out about animal welfare issues, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, donate directly, and sign petitions to demand action from law makers.

What’s your favorite animal welfare organization? There are so many doing wonderful work in this world. Maybe we’ll be able to donate to the for-purpose you love too!

IFAW Elephant Roam

Sweet Potato Burgers with Green Tahini

Sweet Potato Burger Vegan Glutenfree

Oh me, oh my! I’m a fool for these hearty vegan burgers. I had 1 for breakfast with sliced avocado, and 3 for dinner. Thankfully the recipe makes 12-14 burgers, because they are so good!

I’ve been making sweet potato burgers for some time, but have just now gotten around to writing down my recipe. For these burgers you’ll need a food processor to slice and dice the ingredients at each step. If you don’t have one, I’m sure you could mince and chop vegetables by hand, and mash the garbanzo beans with a fork. Keep in mind, the recipe calls for two cans of chickpeas (nearly 4 cups), so that would be a lot of fork mashing. Arm workout!

I’ve always been a burger fan. I can proudly say I have never in my life eaten a classic red meat burger (phew!), but I did grow up loving Nana’s turkey burgers. I thought salmon burgers were pretty good too. My first introduction to veggie burgers was in the form of a frozen patty. At some point my mom started buying Dr.Praeger’s frozen veggie burgers at Costco. They were so good. She really doesn’t enjoy cooking, so she’d stick them in the microwave, and voila! 1 minute later you’ve got a burger! Me, I’d cook them in a skillet with a little oil to make the edges crispy. mmmmm!

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