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I love a warm, hearty, & nutritious soup on a chilly or rainy fall day. It’s a little boost of serotonin when the gloom hits & it warms me right up! Keep reading for 18 (!) amazing vegan soup recipes and bisques that you can make this fall.

Beet Sweet Potato Soup | @sweetpotatosoul

One of my November wellness goals for 2022 is to eat soup for breakfast. Why? The soups rounded up here are so nutritious and filling that they make the perfect breakfast, setting you up for success for the day. Who says soup is only for dinner?

What’s in a good vegan soup?

A good, healthy vegan soup will usually have a vegetable broth base & a mixture of vegetables, whether they’re the main focus of the dish or not. Bisques & chowders are similar and are classically seafood-based, but these vegan bisques are thickened with a dairy alternative or roux. But ALL of them are delicious and will make you and your family happy throughout the colder months!

Vegan lentil soup

Sweet Potato Soups

Okay, we all know I am the sweet potato queen 👑, so why wouldn’t I include these amazing sweet potato soups?! The bisques are so creamy & hearty, and all are great for meal prep or leftovers. Plus, these vegan soup recipes are incredibly healthy!

Coconut Black bean Stew Instant Pot black beans | @sweetpotatosoul

Legume Soups

Legumes are the fruit or seed of plants in the Fabaceae family. My favorite legumes include chickpeas, black beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, & lima beans. But really I love them all. Some soups listed above include legumes, but here are some more delicious hearty recipes for you. Legumes are a great source of plant-based protein & fiber––among many other nutrients––so eat up!

Collard Miso Soup

Bonus Soups

Finally, here are some equally delicious & nutritious vegan soup recipes to make. And as another bonus, I include a recipe for how to make homemade veggie broth! It’s so easy to make & won’t cost you anything extra. Simply save up your vegetable scraps in the freezer in a large zipper bag after prepping your vegetables, and when you’re ready to make broth, boil the scraps on the stove.

Leave a comment below! What’s your favorite vegan soup recipe?

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