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Vegan Kitchen Appliance Essentials

Sure, you don’t need a million and one different small appliances if you’re going to be vegan. However, these 6 appliances will make your life easier, and your food more delicious! Below I’ve curated a list of my favorite small appliances and I’ve linked to my favorite recipes to try with each. Already have an air fryer, but not sure what to make in it? Keep reading!

Since becoming a vegan chef I’ve owned almost every small appliance. From ice cream makers to waffle irons, dehydrators to crock pots, I’ve tried it all. But every time I move to a new house, I get rid of the appliances I don’t use at least once a week. What’s left are the 6 must-have appliances below. 

How to save money on appliances 

  1. Facebook Marketplace––you can sometimes find brand new appliances on FB too
  2. Ebay new, used, or refurbished
  3. Amazon refurbished
  4. Many appliances now come as combos, for example, a toaster oven or Instant Pot that also works as an air fryer.Why not save money and buy a combo appliance?

Must-have Appliances for your Vegan Kitchen

Ninja Foodie Blender 

Of course you need a blender. But I also think you need a small single serving size blender, like this one from Ninja. I have not used my large professional blender in nearly a year, because this little guy can do it all!! It’s powerful enough to liquify leafy greens like kale. It gets extra bonus points for being so easy to clean, just stick the blender cup in your dishwasher with the rest of your cups. Pop a sip top on the blender and enjoy your smoothie straight from the blender cup. One less dish to wash! 

Bonus points: You can also use this blender in your vegan kitchen as a spice grinder, or coffee grinder. 

This particular Ninja Foodie blender also comes with a special blender cup with a twist top; a necessity when you want to make a smoothie bowl or very thick sauce. 

Order the Ninja Foodie Blender here

Try these blender recipes: 

Calphalon Quartz Heat Toaster OvenCalphalon Toaster Oven

A toaster oven that doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen? Yes, it does exist. This Calphalon Ceramic Heat Toaster Oven is my favorite because it contains heat like no other. You can even leave junk on top of it (like ceramic bowls, etc) while it’s in use. 

I seldom turn on my large oven because I have this toaster oven. In my house we use it for baking desserts, roasting vegetables, toasting bread, roasting nuts, and even dehydrating foods. As long as the food will fit in the toaster oven––which is quite spacious––this machine can do the job. 

I have an older model, but this new Calphalon Quartz Heat Toaster Oven also works as an air fryer. Yay, two for one!

Order this Calphalon Toaster Oven here

Make these recipes:

Instant Pot

No list of must-have appliances would be complete without this time-saving machine. Instant Pots come in multiple sizes. A small 3 quart Instant Pot is sufficient for a family of 2. A six quart is perfect for anyone. Larger families should consider the 8 quart pot.

 Instant Pot is perfect for a vegan kitchen because it:

    • pressure cooks beans to perfection in half the time of stove-top cooking
    • can be used even if you leave the kitchen (or house)
    • can also be used for stews and soups, steaming vegetables, and even baking!
    • retains valuable nutrients in the food

Instant Pot Tips:

    • buy an extra removable cooking pot (or two). 
    • don’t overfill it when cooking foods that like to bubble––ie. coconut milk!
    • dry the outside of your cooking pot before placing on the heating element
    • keep the outer ring (where the lid slides on) clean and dry when not in use

Order this Instant Pot here

Make these Instant Pot recipes:

Philips Air Fryer

I didn’t think I wanted an air fryer until I got one. Now I don’t want to live without it! You can basically make anything in this magic machine. But I love using it for any foods I’d normally fry, like vegan crab cakes. You can use a lot less oil in an air fryer than you would in an oven. However, its main appeal for me is the speedy cook time. Air fryers cook food in about half the time compared to an oven (even a toaster oven). 

The one downside of air fryers is the size. They’re huge and very heavy! Because I have a small kitchen I keep my air fryer stored in a cabinet until I’m ready to use it. 

Order this Philips Air Fryer XXL here

Make these Air Fryer recipes:

Immersion Blender

Believe it or not, the immersion blender is the newest of my appliances. While I don’t use it daily, it definitely comes in handy during soup season. An immersion blender is used to puree soups while they’re still hot in the pot. You can also use it in place of a blender for sauces and thick purees. I like having a cordless immersion blender so I don’t have to worry about the cord melting while I’m using it over the hot stove. 

Order this cordless Kitchenaid immersion blender

Make these recipes with your immersion blender: 

Cuisinart Food Processor

I couldn’t end this list without my all time favorite, most reliable and useful appliance: the food processor. A good Cuisinart food processor will last you a decade, or longer! Seriously, the replaceable parts will break before the motor dies. A food processor is a fantastic investment in your health because you can make so many amazing recipes with it (list down below).

Your food processor can assist in food prep in so many ways. It can:

    • chop and mince
    • puree
    • slice to different thicknesses
    • shred different sizes
    • blend pastry

Toss the washable parts in a dishwasher to save time cleaning. Your vegan kitchen is complete with this appliance. Food processors, are super heavy. That’s the only downside.

Order a Cuisinart Food Processor here

Make these recipes in your food processor:

Vegan Kitchen Appliance Essentials

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  1. Thank you for your recommendations I do have most of these items. I do not have an immersion blender but do have a tiny food processor… 4 cup but chops slices and grates. I really appreciate the many many things you share and all the yummy recipes. Thank you!

  2. Great list. I’ve wanted to downsize some of my appliances for a while now. I’m eyeing The Ninja Foodie blender next.